Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It’s so convenience! It’s so sexy! Look at that girl who’s heels pair with shorts… oh my, so lovely!

Price: RM 38.00
Size: S, M & L
Colours: White, blue & black
Quality: Cotton & good

White : Front
White : Back
Blue : Front
Blue : Back
Black : Front

Black : Back


Liang Mui said...

hi.. jus wanna ask do u hv the measurement for the size M & L?? i mean the hip size. haha.. cos my shorts are ard the size :D


Laurel Jacklyn said...

Hi there, I can meet you up for you try it on for both size so that you can make sure that it's fit you.

Let me know by dropping me an email and we'll arrange.

kyliemc said...

do you have other shorts designs, jac?

Strawberry Clothes said...

Kyliemc - right at this moment only this design.

Liang Mui said...

i'm jus afraid to trouble u just for the fitting. if not ngam, reali paisei ler..

Strawberry Clothes said...

Liang Mui - I'll be in MV almost every Fri night. You can just let me know if you would like to try it out. I don mind.